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Woman Comes Back From Walk, Finds Car Now Belongs to the Swarm

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An English woman named Kelly-Marie Knowles was struck by a severe case of the willies when she returned home from a walk to find a group of people standing around her red Peugeot 206. However, it wasn’t the people that were creepy; it was the swarm of bees that were happily and busily constructing a hive on the trunk.

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Citing a childhood incident where she was attacked by a swarm of hornets, she kept far back once she realized what the group of people gathered around her were looking at. A professional beekeeper was called in. Wearing full protective gear (except for boots, which were traded for flip-flops, and gloves, which he simply didn’t wear), the beekeeper slowly scraped the thriving colony of around 5,000 bees, which included two queen bees.

The beekeeper said that the swarm was composed of native honey bees, and that it was healthy. The swarm was relocated to the south coast of Cornwall.

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Knowles’ neighbor Philippa Starkey said, “It was great to see a good, healthy swarm of honey bees, especially since they are in such a worrying decline, and to watch the process of removal and learn more about bees.”

It is great to see a healthy bee swarm. Just, you know, from a distance.