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Woman Reports Car Stolen, Finds it Buried Under Snow

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2000 Dodge Neon

Imagine this, but with more snow
Photo: The Journal Times

This winter, the northeast and Midwest have been getting pelted by snowstorms, which have dumped multiple feet of the white stuff across major cities like Chicago, Detroit, and Boston. Lots of snow means lots of plowing, and snow “mountains” are appearing in parking lots and alongside roads everywhere. Unfortunately for one woman, her car was covered in snow by a passing plow, but she didn’t realize, instead thinking thieves had stolen it. That was when she called the police.

The woman had parked her car, but left it running while she went inside an apartment building in the town of Racine, Wisconsin, last weekend. When she came back outside approximately 20 minutes later, her car was nowhere to be seen. Assuming a passing hooligan had taken it upon himself to take a joy ride in her much-sought-after 2000 Dodge Neon, the woman called Racine Police, who set out to search for her stolen ride.

After about 30 minutes, the police received a call back from the woman saying she had found her car. It was parked exactly where she had left it, but was covered in snow thanks to a passing plow.

not sure if stupid

Police in Racine are using this case as a good example of why it’s a bad idea to leave your keys in your car unattended—even with the door locked. Essentially, by doing so, you’re begging for your car to be stolen. Of course, if you own a Chevy Aveo, you’ll probably be doing yourself a favor…

News Source: The Journal Times