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Woman Shoots at Driving Honeymooners for Trying to Take a Mango

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No, seriously

When most people say that they could kill for a certain food, they don’t mean it. To Fort Myers’ Josefina Tometich, though, mangos are serious business.

Josefina Tometich, Lady of the Mangos

Josefina Tometich, Lady of the Mangos

The hapless victims of Tometich’s fruit protection strategies were a couple coming home from celebrating their wedding anniversary. After turning onto Kasamada Drive, the happy couple noticed a ripe mango in the middle of the street, so they stopped, because hey, free fruit.

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The driver, a man, got out to pick up the lonely fruit and noticed more fruit on the ground nearby.

Then Fruit Guardian Tometich returned home. According to the police report, after the driver asked Tometich if he could take the mislain mango, Tometich threatened to get a gun shoot the man.

Realizing that he was facing a primal force, the man left the mango, got back in the car, and drove off, stopping at the end of the street to wait for traffic to clear.


Yeah, you better run, buddy
Photo; Zeetz Jones

Tometich apparently interpreted this pause as another threat to her sacred grove. The couple soon heard something hit their rear window, and the glass shattered. When the couple turned around, they saw the Mango Queen holding what looked like a rifle and walking back into her house.

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They called 911, and following witness testimony and finding a pellet gun in Tometich’s front yard, police took the Lady of the Mangos into custody on charges of firing a missile into a dwelling, vehicle, building, or aircraft.