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3 Tips to Achieve Work-Drive Balance

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If you’re a commuter, you understand well the pains that come with a daily drive of significant time. To help make your commute less of a dreaded chore and more of a fun way to start and end your day, the experts at the automotive-centric nonprofit organization the Car Care Council have shared the following tips.

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1. Freshen your air

Breathing stale, dusty, musty air will make your commute uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. Make sure the air in your car’s cabin is as fresh as possible by replacing the old cabin air filter with a new one and repeat the process according to your Owner’s Manual.

new vs old air filter comparison
Change out your air filter frequently

“A functioning cabin air filter will help keep dirt, pollen, dust and exhaust fumes from entering your vehicle’s interior,” reports the Car Care Council.

2. Make minor repairs

If your car isn’t up to snuff, it can make your commute harder than it needs to be. For example, cracked windshield wipers will do little for your visibility in inclement weather. Burned-out lights put you and others at risk, and improperly aligned and clean mirrors will decrease your perspective of dangers around you. And your stopping power will be comprised if you’re driving around with damaged, old, or problematic brakes.

car brakes inspection brake pads
Make sure your car’s brakes are working properly

“Because driving in stop-and-go traffic is hard on a vehicle’s braking system, have your brakes inspected regularly as brakes are your car’s most important safety feature,” advises the Car Care Council.

3. Clean up

A cluttered, messy, dirty car can be a distraction on the road. Plus, it will negatively impact your attitude about driving. Dirt build-up and residue from road salt can eat away at your car’s appearance, which can decrease resale value down the road.

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man washing cleaning car interior wiping leather seats
A clean, clutter-free interior will help make your commute better

“Remember to keep the floors free of debris that may obstruct the foot pedals, and wash your car regularly to protect the paint, minimize rust and corrosion, and keep your windows clean for improved visibility,” recommends the Car Care Council.

These tips will help make your commute more pleasant, which is especially important if you spend hours on the road each day. How do you achieve good work-drive balance?