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World Cup of Cars: Australia vs. Spain

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Australia vs. Spain

Today’s Australia vs. Spain World Cup match should prove to be rather exciting, but perhaps even more exciting (okay, not really, but humor us?) is the World Cup of Cars match between the two countries, where we see which country’s representative vehicle will come out on top. And let the match begin!

Representing Australia is the Jeep Grand Cherokee, which is admittedly not made in Australia. But that won’t keep it off the Aussies’ roads, however, as it is one of the most popular models in the country. We, as Americans, might already be a little biased because what has more of a good old ‘Murican freedom ring to it than a Grand Cherokee? The Grand Cherokee gives drivers that classic Jeep off-road performance they’re always after (perfect for the Outback), but combines it with surprising efficiency and rugged good looks.

Australia vs. Spain Grand Cherokee

The Jeep Grand Cherokee

Playing for Spain is the SEAT Altea. While the Grand Cherokee caught our eyes because of its “baseball, apple pie, and hard work” personality, we must admit that the Altea also gets its own bonus points because it is actually made in the country that it represents. The Altea is a compact multi-purpose vehicle that has been in production since 2004. The Altea has won several awards for its design and has been noted for its high levels of safety.

Australia vs. Spain SEAT Altea

The SEAT Altea

At the end of the day, however, we bleed red, white, and blue. This is who we are.


So the winner of the Australia vs. Spain match is America’s own Jeep Grand Cherokee for Australia. But you all probably saw that coming, yes?

But who will win the real Australia vs. Spain match? Either way, it won’t be as exciting for old Uncle Sam as this way, that’s for sure. Check out the match today at 12pm EDT on ESPN.