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Yes, Some People Actually Got New Luxury Cars for Christmas

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Cadillac’s Christmas commercial

For some reason, this holiday gift Cadillac doesn’t have a bow on it

Let’s be honest: Most of us didn’t wake up on Christmas morning in an expensive house, look out the window, and spot a brand-new luxury car with a bow on top sitting in the driveway. And most of us never will. The closest we’ll come to this scenario is watching it unfold during one of those (admittedly irritating) holiday car commercials that air every year.

Despite how far-fetched these ads seem to those of us who don’t have money to burn, they’re not at all unrealistic for the luxury automakers that pay for them.

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The New York Times points out that for the past three years, December has been the biggest sales month for four luxury automakers (Mercedes, BMW, Lincoln, and Lexus) and one of the biggest for two more (Jaguar and Cadillac). December transactions can account for up to 14 percent of a luxury brand’s annual sales.

While most of these December purchases are made by regular buyers looking for a year-end deal, many people do purchase luxury cars as holiday gifts — perhaps as much as 10 percent of all sales for the month. Dealerships say the most common buyers are men purchasing vehicles for their partners or kids.

These gift buyers demand giant bows, too. Dealerships make sure to keep plenty in stock during the holidays so they don’t run out and potentially endanger a sale. There’s even a company in California that specializes in making enormous custom bows for cars, just like you can see on TV.

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News Source: The New York Times