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You Can Thank a Rabbit Named Bunz for Nissan’s Design Inspiration

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Bunz the Bunny inspires Nissan car designersThe 2019 Nissan Altima just made its big debut at the New York International Auto Show, and Nissan is releasing videos to explain the refreshed sedan. One of the pieces that ended up in our viewing queue is about Bunz the Bunny and his time with the Nissan designers in California. Let’s just say that we were happy to take a break and watch this adorable fluffball hop around Nissan’s offices.

No, this isn’t an April Fools’ Day Joke. Well, we’re about 90% sure that it isn’t.

According to Nissan, Bunz is a four-year-old dwarf Lionhead rabbit, which basically means that she is super soft and fluffy. When she’s not hard at work at Nissan Design America in San Diego, she’s at home with owner Jacqueline Reeve, who is a color and trim designer with the automaker.

“Designing cars is a serious and competitive business,” said Taro Ueda, vice president, Nissan Design America. “Designers thrive in unique, fast-paced and creatively demanding environments, but it’s important to have an open mind and outside inspiration, even if sparked by a bunny visiting the office,” Ueda added.

Yes, this is completely serious. In the video below, Reeve talks about things they do to spark inspiration, like go to the beach and, yes, cuddle with a fuzzy white rabbit. Not going to lie, we’re considering using the story of this bunny to help the staff of The News Wheel get that office puppy we’ve always wanted.

Rebecca Puppy

We had a puppy in the office once and now we want one all the time.

Nevertheless, if you open your new Nissan vehicle and find a bit of fluff inside, don’t be mad. It’s just Bunz’s influence hopping from California to your dealership.