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You’d Be Surprised to Learn Which Color Car Gets the Most Tickets in Ohio

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Hint: It’s not red

Xenia Police Tiny Boy

People driving black cars like this tiny driver are more likely to get tickets than other drivers

When I was shopping for my first car, I remember my mother telling me to stay away from a red exterior. Why? Because it’s the color that’s most likely to get pulled over.

Turns out, my mom was wrong.

According to a report from The Plain Dealer, the most ticketed car color in Ohio isn’t red like many people believe it is—it’s actually black. According to analysis, more than 612,000 tickets were written last year—and 105,875 of those vehicles were black.

Following black in the ranking were white-colored cars in 101,253 tickets and gray with 83,227. Surprisingly enough, red cars came in fourth with 70,523.

This research completely bucks the long-held belief that cars with red exteriors are the ones that get the most tickets. Red cars lag significantly behind the top three car colors, coming in at almost 13,000 less than the next highest color.

The state troopers state that they don’t care what color vehicle they’re pulling over—they just write warnings or tickets based on the driving the person behind the wheel is doing.

“The color of the car doesn’t really matter to us,” said the patrol’s Lt. Robert Sellers. “We look at violations. When a trooper observes a violation, it doesn’t matter what the color of the car is.”

It’s possible that the contributing factor for black cars being the most popular in terms of tickets is because this is one the most popular exterior car color. According to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, about 2 million vehicles—19% of the 11 million registered cars in the state—have a black exterior. This is the largest percentage of any color of vehicle in the state.

By comparison, red vehicles only have about 1.2 million registered vehicles.

So, the next time you’re shopping for a new car, don’t think that going red is a bad thing. Instead, consider avoiding a black exterior and drive safe while you’re out on the road.

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