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Your Car’s Alarm System Should be More than Just an Ear-Piercing Noisemaker

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We’ve all heard the blaring noise pollution of a car alarm, and once we’ve registered the alarm wasn’t ours or that a break-in wasn’t currently underway, we have all promptly ignored its warning bells. A system that was designed to grab people’s attention often falls flat. That’s why when investing in an alarm to safeguard against thievery, look for one that does more than just scream.

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According to Writer Rebecca Edwards, shock sensors register when your car is hit and activate the alarm; if your car alarm system integrates with your smartphone, you’ll get an alert on your phone.

“Carjack protection combines lights, chirping alarms, and ignition kill switches. Some alarm systems aim to punish the carjacker with an extra-loud, high-pitched siren that may force them to abandon the vehicle,” reports Edwards.

A two-way remote broadcasts an alert to you when a bad guy tries to start or break into your car, she adds.

Instead of an additional remote or key fob, some car alarm companies are utilizing what you already have on hand — your smartphone, writes Edwards; mobile apps are becoming the key to alerts and notifications concerning your car, and that includes its security.

Unfortunately, with cutting-edge technology through your smartphone, key fob, or remote, your car alarm may also invite unwanted attention from hackers.

“Not all car thieves use a crowbar or slim Jim to get into your car. Tech-savvy thieves know how to hack the signal from your key fob and unlock your car remotely. That’s why smart car alarm companies are adding encryption to their wireless car alarms,” according to Edwards.

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A car alarm system can definitely protect your vehicle and give you a greater sense of calm , but do your homework and find one that boasts advanced technologies that you can’t ignore.

News Source: Safewise