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YouTube Asshat Lets Homeless Man Drive his Corvette, Stroke his Ego

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YouTube prankster Drey lets a homeless man drive his Corvette convertible

YouTube prankster Drey lets a homeless man drive his Corvette convertible

“Drey an Vic” are two YouTube pranksters who enjoy filming and uploading their “EPIC” pranks—like their recent “Friday the 13th Murder Prank,” in which the duo threw a dummy out of a moving car, into oncoming traffic (classic, Drey an Vic).

Of course, not all of their stunts are illegal and/or dangerous. Recently, these snapback-wearing hooligans decided to “pay it forward,” like a pair of swagalicious Haley Joel Osments.

And exactly what totally clutch move did they pull to make the world a better place? They—get this—let a homeless man drive their car:

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“I wanna, like… I’m legit about to make your day,” Drey promised a random homeless man who he found relaxing in the park. “There’s a really fast, really nice car that I’m gonna let you drive,” Drey explained, before handing over the keys to his red Corvette convertible.

Thanks to Drey’s generosity, the homeless man then got to experience the thrill of merging into the left lane in slow, mildly congested traffic….but, like, IN A BITCHIN’ VETTE, DAWG!

And the first-class luxury treatment didn’t stop there—Drey took this Californian vagabond to a food court, bro, where Drey helpfully explained what kind of cuisine the different restaurants offered: “So there’s Japanese food, Italian [a Sbarro’s], Johnny Rockets… um, Mexican food, healthy food…”

While they shared a sushi lunch, Drey was thoughtful enough to finally ask this man his name (it’s Larry!), and for an explanation of “what you did in life and, you know, how you ended up where you are.” Larry recounted the story of how he was born in Arkansas, left home for California when he was 13, joined the Navy, was stationed in Japan, was married there, and yada, yada, yada…

Drey interjected sympathetic “wows” throughout Larry’s story, before asking him the really important question: “How did it, like, what were your first, like, impressions or thoughts when this kid comes up and straight asks you, like, ‘Yo, let’s go, I’m gonna, like, make your day’?”

Pictured: Larry, having his day made

Pictured: Larry, having his day made

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It’s a rambling, self-aggrandizing question, and Larry isn’t quite sure how to answer it. But that’s not what matters. What matters is that Drey let a hobo drive his car, took him to a food court, condescendingly read a Sarku Japan menu to him, and more; all for the noble purpose of making a cloying YouTube video which will hopefully prove as inspirational as his “Couples & Dirty Condoms Prank” video.

Bravo, Drey an Vic. You YouTube pranksters have truly restored our faith in bro-manity.

Via: GM Authority