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YouTube Video Shows Classic Truck Being Transformed into ‘Hillbilly Hot Tub’

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Would you like to own your very own hot tub, but don’t think it fits within your budget? Luckily for you, there’s a YouTube video which shows how to turn the bed of a classic pickup truck into the hot tub of your dreams.

The aforementioned video, titled “Hillbilly Hot Tub,” was uploaded by YouTube user Michael Jackman back in June of 2010.

In the video, a man uses an industrial tarp, as well as ratchet straps to hold it in place, then takes a hose and fills it up with water. To make things more interesting, the same man even squirts what appears to be common dish soap into the water. Because who doesn’t want bubbles in their custom hot tub?

The guy then drives his pickup truck into another parking lot, parks in a handicapped spot, and then lets a bunch of other dudes jump into his unusual hot tub. The men then sit around in circle just smiling and drinking beers like they don’t have a single care in the world. Eventually a couple of girls come and test out the hot tub as well.

That old-school truck must have had some seriously powerful springs to support the weight of all of that water, plus five people.

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