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Vote in the Z06 Convertible Student Showcase Challenge

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Corvette Z06 Convertible Student Showcase Challenge 1

One of the images from Mike Finkelstein’s portfolio in the Corvette Z06 Convertible Student Showcase Challenge


If you’re a photography student in college, getting a big assignment could be the difference between making good on your dreams or spending the rest of your life waiting tables and talking about your dreams of shooting for a major magazine (I’m sorry for that bit of harsh reality, Liberal Arts majors, but somebody’s got to tell you now while there’s still time). Recently, Chevrolet offered three lucky photography students the opportunity to film a rare and wild subject before it was unleashed upon the world: the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Convertible. The Z06 Convertible Student Showcase Challenge will test the three intrepid artistes-to-be to see who among them captured Chevrolet’s beast in all of its glory.

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Corvette Z06 Convertible Student Showcase Challenge: Michael Finkelstein

The voting public can visit the Corvette Facebook page through today in order to vote for either Mike Finkelstein (Pratt Institute), Nico Sforza (School of Visual Arts, New York), or Dan Wang (Rochester Institute of Technology). The winner will be announced tomorrow at the New York Auto Show, where all three students’ galleries are on display.

“The students had a challenging assignment because the work I see being done on a daily basis by our Design team is so good,” said Ed Welburn, vice president for GM Global Design. “So for the students to go into this area was obviously going to be tough by comparison – but they came through. Even more, in some cases the students came up with lighting techniques and angles we have not seen before.”

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Corvette Z06 Convertible Student Showcase Challenge: Dan Wang

The winning gallery will have their name and pictures forever linked with the supremely badass 2016 Z06 Convertible, and they will also win $5,000, which will no doubt help them pay off their student loans rather easily once they gradu…oh? I apologize, I was laughing at something else.

Corvette Z06 Convertible Student Showcase Challenge: Nico Sforza

Once a winner has been determined, we will let you know!

Update: And the winner is…

Drum roll, please.

Dan Wang from the Rochester Institute of Technology has been named the winner and will take home the $5,000 prize.

“The Corvette Z06 photo challenge has been a great experience,” said Wang. “I plan to use the prize money to help fund the pursuit of some of my personal projects, like documenting the Hardcore Happening, an annual Hot Rod Festival in upstate New York.”