• Luis Estrada

    The Volvo Symbol is the Chemical symbol of Iron… it is not the male gender symbol. The male gender symbol has a cross, not an arrow.

    • Your Mom

      Actually, Luis, the arrow symbol is the female gender symbol.

    • Eep² _

      Aside from the correction of jh443, the circle and upper right-diagonal arrow is also the symbol for Mars. Many other car logos are of planets (Saturn), constellations (the Pleiades in Subaru), and gods (also planets but Ahura Mazda, Chrysler’s winged disc from Egyptian mythology), etc.

      • jh443

        And the symbol for Venus is the circle with the cross under it. This is most likely the origin of the title “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.”

  • jh443

    I find it curious, though, that they use a name that when spoken has to be said carefully in order not to sound like the name of an intimate part of the female anatomy.

  • brewers_rule

    I truly can’t wait for the day when I bump into a feminist (or see an outspoken celebrity feminist) driving a Volvo so I can die laughing.

    • Jon Roylance

      @Brewers rule
      Go to Norway. Your wish will come true a thousand times over!! Lol

      • Cristian

        Or in Sweden…the manufacturer country…

  • Leanne Rochester

    The female symbol represents a hand mirror and the male represents a shield and a spear.

  • remo conan

    we could speculate all day until the Cows Come home but why does it look like they added the arrow is it the Mandella Effect or did they change it also the symbol for Volkswagen the VW never had the gap in between the V and the W.