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[VIDEO] Hyundai Santa Fe Outruns Aliens in New Commercial

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Hyundai Santa Fe outruns aliens Commercial 3

An extraterrestrial vessel is a bit clingy in the new Santa Fe commercial
Photo: Hyundai India

Yet again, Hyundai has released a humorous, fast-paced online commercial laden with special effects. And, again, you’ll find no ogling over tech features for how shiny they are. Nor will you hear Paul Rudd’s laid back voiceover crooning about the navigation potential.

The newest commercial, in which the Hyundai Santa Fe outruns aliens, comes not from USA, but from the creative minds at Hyundai Motor India. Watch it here!

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The New Santa Fe Outruns Aliens to Show Off Its Power

Hyundai Santa Fe outruns aliens Commercial 2

We have to admit, there are new commercial features some pretty respectable alien designs.
Photo: Hyundai India

Hyundai India, who has been consistently producing more creative and entertaining advertisements than its American branch, does well with the small narrative style, like its “Uncompromise” spot for the Elite i20.

Wanting to prove that the new 2015 Santa Fe is not just the most powerful SUV in its class, but in the whole galaxy, Hyundai India has just released yet another entertaining commercial.

This time, the Santa Fe outruns aliens!

Hyundai Santa Fe outruns aliens Commercial

Photo: Hyundai India

The commercial begins in a dark, dense forest as an extraterrestrial ship descends upon a seemingly-abandoned Santa Fe. After taking a confirmation scan of the SUV, the visiting aliens resolve to not let this one go. Otherwise, he might lose his job!

The tractor beam descends… and the Santa Fe roars to life!

Hyundai Santa Fe outruns aliens Commercial 4

Photo: Hyundai India

The powerful SUV yanks the alien vessel along cliffs, riverbanks, and mountains on an all-terrain chase to shake the looming UFO free from its grasp… But is that the real story?

Here’s the twist: the Santa Fe is merely a lure to draw spaceships like this one into an Area 51-like hanger bay. Abducting the abductor-definitely a clever commercial for a game-changing SUV.

The majority of footage of the Santa Fe is all standard “SUV in action” shots along various terrain… except for the fact there’s an alien tractor beam attached to the vehicle.

This new ad is part of Hyundai Motor India’s new digital campaign titled “Santa Fe Aliens Capture” which is intended to target young, tech-savvy drivers who are plugged into the online world. The selling main selling point of the ad is its impressive 197 ps (194 horsepower).

Geek out  as the Santa Fe outruns aliens. It’s quite a ride!

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