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PSA: This is Not the 2016 Lincoln Continental, You Turkey

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2017 Lincoln Continental

This 2017 Lincoln Continental is totally real, unlike the turkey below


We’re not sure if we are the first to tell you this, but it’s generally in your best interest not to believe everything that you read on Facebook.

It happens to the best of us. Things have a way of making the rounds, and before you know it, something that’s completely fabricated is being presented as fact simply because a bunch of people agree that it’s a fact and click “share” whenever they can. We happened to notice this little number floating around in Facebook-land today, posted by a number of people saying things to the general effect of “ZOMG LOOK AT THE 2016 CONTINENTAL WOULD BUY”:

2016 Lincoln Continental

Well, that certainly is a car that looks like what you might expect a Continental to look like. Is it ever!

The only problem here is that, like your mom’s friend’s post about how the government plans to switch America’s currency to firm handshakes and force every church in the country to relocate to an uninhabited island in the Pacific, this particular Lincoln is not real.

Want More Continental? So do 40,000 other people

The image was originally uploaded to Reddit in January of last year by YoungestHov, whose aim to accumulate karma with the post was proven successful with 1,032 useless Internet points. Unfortunately for the babe of the Hov family, Reddit sleuths were quick to point out that this particular image was a ‘Shop. You see, they knew because it looked ‘Shopped and they could tell from some of the pixels and from having seen a lot of ‘Shops in their time.

And, no, before you ask, YoungestHov is not some automotive insider. His/her most popular Reddit post is this Bad Luck Brian:

Bad Luck BrianOh my! What fun!

This ‘Shop is, in essence, a bloated, whale-y version of Jackie Kennedy’s 1962 Lincoln Continental “bubbletop” limo. Here it is in its unmolested glory:

Kennedy LimoSee. Same trees and everything. And would you get a look at those American flags! No way our  secret Klingon government can take those colors, no siree.

So this is your friendly reminder: not everything you read about on Facebook is true. Do the world a favor and think before you share. We’ll all be a lot better for it.


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