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10 Electrifying Romance Novels for Car Lovers

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Sometimes, you’re in the mood for romance; other times, you’re interested in exciting car races. When you’re in the mood for both, pick up one of these entertaining romantic novels that blend automotive allure with combustible chemistry.

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[wptab name=”The Perils of Paulie”]

The Perils of Paulie (2017) by Katie MacAlister

A light-hearted, playful rollick about Paulina Rostakova, a sassy woman who enters a reality show reenacting an historic 1908 car race across multiple countries. While many other romance books focus on muscle or stock cars, The Perils of Paulie is chock full of classic cars and old-fashioned chemistry.


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Living the Charade Michelle Conder fake relationship romance love race car driver story

Living the Charade (2013) by Michelle Conder


Filled with fast, clever dialogue that blends talk about cars with talk about romance, Living the Charade is a steamy story about a hard-working business woman who resorts to staging a fake romance with a maverick race car driver.


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The Takeover Bid Leigh Michaels classic antique car romance love novel book

The Takeover Bid (2004) by Leigh Michaels

A lovably unique heroine headlines this story: Melanie, an owner and manager of an antique car restoration company. She’s wise, well-meaning, and shows that women are just at home in the garage as men are. She’ll have to hold her own when an overconfident but dashing man enters her life to take over her business.


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The Champion Shey Stahl motorsports racing automotive romance love novel

The Champion (2012) by Shey Stahl

The last book of the of the reader-loved “Racing on the Edge” series is packed with suspense, tragedy, and real-life commitment as you follow 20 years of race car driver Jameson Riley’s life. Each victory and defeat on the racetrack is nail-biting, balanced with genuinely heart-felt drama with his wife and children at home.


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Driving Her Crazy Amy Andrews Car Driving Road trip Romance novel book

Driving Her Crazy (2013) by Amy Andrews

It’s a basic set-up: a journalist and a photographer drive across the Outback to collaborate on a story for work and wind up getting into escapades in the wild that lead to them falling in love. it takes its time building the chemistry and in the process is a fun road trip rom-com with all the classic tropes.


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The Fine LIne Alicia Kobishop romance novel car mechanic street racing

The Fine Line (2013) by Alicia Kobishop

This addictive, fast-paced drama takes places in the world of street racing. Car restorer and mechanic Logan illegally races cars for money at night and finds that he can’t lose a race when Liv, the heroine, is the flag girl. The story is a tad over-dramatic, but if you like your angst at 100 mph, this one doesn’t slow down.


[wptab name=”Supercharged Love”]

Supercharged Love Jenny Siegel race car driver love novel romance book

Supercharged Love (2016)/Quarter Mile Hearts (2015) by Jenny Siegel

Essentially the same story told from two different perspectives, these two novels cleverly develop the tension and chemistry between driver Max and mechanic Leigh. The automotive content is basic car racing stuff, but the unique narrative take and motor-savvy heroine make for a rewarding dual read.


[wptab name=”Ignited”]

High Octane Ignited Rachel Cross automotive Formula One Romance novel hot

High Octane: Ignited (2014) by Rachel Cross

While most romantic racing stories focus on stock car racing, the first entry in the “High Octane” series deals with British Formula One driver Ronan Hawes and his relationship with Cassidy Miller, a former EMS helicopter pilot who’s gotten involved with her father’s F1 team.


[wptab name=”The Chase”]

The Chase Erin McCarthy car racing driving romance novel book lover

The Chase (2011) by Erin McCarthy

Motorsports racing isn’t just for men; protagonist Kenall Holbrook is out to prove herself in the male-dominated racing circuit as she reunites with her former lover and now-rival Evan Monroe.


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NASCAR Romance novels Harlequin stock car racing driver story sexyAny of the Official NASCAR Harlequin Books

Yes, a decade ago, NASCAR officially partnered with publisher Harlequin to release an ongoing collection of NASCAR-themed novels, with some even involving “guest appearances” by real driver celebrities like Carl Edwards. Entries come from a variety of authors and include titles like Teaming Up, One Track Mind, Slingshot Moves, and Speed Dating. 



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