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2007 Nissan Frontier Surpasses a Million Miles

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Million-Mile Nissan Frontier
Brian Murphy, an independent delivery driver in Chicago, surpassed a million miles in his 2007 Nissan Frontier
Photo: Nissan

A 13-year-old Nissan Frontier achieved something most vehicles and vehicle owners can only dream of — hitting 1 million miles. The 2007 Nissan Frontier achieved and surpassed that momentous mileage on Monday, Jan. 27, 2020.

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Brian Murphy, an independent delivery driver in the Chicago area, bought the pickup truck in June 2007.  

“I had no doubt this truck would hit a million miles. It’s tough and gets great fuel economy, exactly what I need to get the job done,” said Murphy.  “I change my own oil every 10,000 miles and drive carefully. Nothing major has been replaced on this truck, it’s really something.”

According to Nissan, Murphy “drove about 50,000 hours to rack up the million miles on his pickup,” a distance comparable to “two roundtrips to the Moon.”

Murphy can be on the road making deliveries for up to 13 hours each day, starting his drive well before the sun is up. Powering the famed King Cab configured-truck is the original four-cylinder engine paired to a five-speed manual transmission. Murphy reports that other mechanisms in the 2007 Frontier also served him well having to be replaced at staggering mileage intervals:

  • 801,000 miles – the original clutch
  • 450,000 miles – alternator
  • 450,000 miles – radiator
  • 700,000 miles (as preventative maintenance) – timing chain

Although the digital odometer still reads 999,999 miles since Jan. 27, 2020, the trip odometer is still keeping track of the million+ miles the Frontier took.

“My truck deserves to rest, but I’ve got to keep busy,” Murphy said.

During the 2020 Chicago Auto Show, Nissan welcomed Murphy and his family to a special event to recognize the “Million-Mile” Frontier.

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See Murphy hit the million-mile mark in his 2007 Nissan Frontier below: