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2015 Chevy Colorado Appearance Packages Coming Soon

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2015 Chevy Colorado Appearance Packages Coming Soon

2015 Chevy Colorado appearance packages are in the works.

General Motors has been pretty busy these last couple months putting out appearance packages and special edition models for its full-size pickups, the Silverado and Sierra. Among them have been the Sierra Elevation, the Sierra Carbon, the Silverado Rally Edition, and the University of Texas Edition Silverado. But what about The General’s new mid-size pickups? According to GM Authority, we could very well be seeing multiple 2015 Chevy Colorado appearance packages—and maybe GMC Canyon packages by extension?—very soon.

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The tip comes from Chevrolet Colorado Marketing Manager, Tony Johnson, which explains why no packages were formally confirmed for the Canyon from GMC. Johnson told the GM blog site that the 2015 Chevy Colorado appearance packages would actually be similar to the Carbon and Elevation packages for the Sierra.

Beyond that, however, Johnson said very little. We do know that the packages might be rid of the chrome trim and will hopefully add a body-colored grille, mirrors, and door handles. Wheels that are exclusive to the package are another possibility, though Johnson made no mention of them.

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News Source: GM Authority