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2015 Toyota Sienna Driver Easy Speak is Your New Best Friend

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2015 Toyota Sienna Driver Easy Speak

2015 Toyota Sienna Driver Easy Speak is Your New Best Friend

Allow us to paint you a nice picture. You set off on a road trip with your family, all pumped up for the hours of bonding you have across the many miles you’ll travel. Singalongs, car games, you name it—you and your family will arrive at your destination closer than ever before. But wait, what’s that noise? Whining, complaining, and endless rounds of “are we there yet?” This wasn’t part of the plan. Before you know it, you’re yelling yourself hoarse trying to calm your mini passengers and get back to that family bliss you dreamed of. Perhaps it’s time to invest in a new vehicle—say, the 2015 Toyota Sienna, which comes with a magical feature known as Driver Easy Speak.

It might sound like an illegal Prohibition-era bar, but Driver Easy Speak is much more family-friendly than that. Essentially, what the feature does is amplify the driver’s voice to backseat passengers via the minivan’s audio system. This eliminates the need to shout loudly when your children start acting up partway to your destination. You’ll be able to get their attention without endangering yourself and your family by getting worked up or turning around to address your passengers. In fact, it’s a wonder that no automaker has come up with a similar idea prior to Toyota.

Of course, Toyota doesn’t guarantee that your children will actually listen to your amplified voice. That would be asking a bit too much. But by eliminating distractions when talking to your family, your next road trip in the 2015 Sienna should go much more smoothly, and leave you with a few less gray hairs overall. The rest is up to you.

Toyota’s Driver Easy Speak feature will be available with Toyota’s premium audio option.