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2016 Toyota Mirai Power-Out Jack Has the Ability to Power Your Home

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So by now, you’re probably aware of the fact that Toyota just unveiled its production fuel-cell vehicle, named the Mirai, in all of its glory at the LA Auto Show. And, while the gorgeous blue color of the concept has been nixed in favor of a more practical (read: boring) navy, the Mirai has been a hit with journalists across the internet. But did you know that the 2016 Toyota Mirai comes with a power-out jack that has the capability to power your entire home? Didn’t think so.

2016 Toyota Mirai Power-Out Jack

The 2016 Toyota Mirai

The 2016 Toyota Mirai power-out jack is the first such technology to appear in a production vehicle (although Toyota has not yet confirmed that it will appear on the US-version Mirai). Don’t get me wrong; the power-out jack can’t power your home indefinitely, but in an emergency it’ll provide you with enough power to last at least a couple of days—or seven, according to Toyota’s press materials.

The plug uses a CHAdeMO connector, which then connects to an energy station that works to convert the high-voltage direct current from the vehicle’s fuel cell to the 100-volt A/C current that’s used in buildings in Japan. If offered in the US, the system would need to be reworked in order to comply with our infrastructure. It’s important to note that the energy consumption of a US household is much higher than that of a Japanese household (32 kWh per day in the US compared to 10 kWh per day in Japan), so it’s unlikely you could power your home for a full seven days using the Mirai.

I don’t know if this technology will come to the US along with our version of the 2016 Mirai, but I do know that I’m crossing my fingers that it does!