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2019 GMC Sierra Buyers Can Replace the MultiPro Tailgate with a Traditional Tailgate Configuration

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If you’re seeking a more traditional tailgate design, you’re in luck

One of the most exciting new features of the redesigned 2019 GMC Sierra is its MultiPro tailgate. This newly introduced design provides six separate tailgate configurations for you to make use of during your on-road journeys with the Sierra. While there will undoubtedly be a sizable amount of drivers who will want to stick with a traditional tailgate for their Sierra, that’s not a problem at all, as consumers can opt out of the MultiPro tailgate when ordering a 2019 GMC Sierra.

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To be clear, not every GMC Sierra model comes standard with a MultiPro tailgate. In fact, the base Sierra vehicle comes with a traditonal tailgate instead. The MultiPro tailgate is only included as a standard on the SLT, AT4, and Denali trims.

At the moment, it’s unclear how switching out the MultiPro tailgate with a more traditional tailgate will affect the pricing of the 2019 GMC Sierra. Seeing as how the MultiPro tailgate is more complex than a traditional tailgate design, equipping the 2019 Sierra with the latter will likely reduce the Sierra’s final asking price. Additionally, a standard tailgate will cost less to repair than a MultiPro model, since the new tailgate has more moving parts due to its many configurations.

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If you do opt for a traditional model, you’ll have to settle with a manually-operated tailgate. The power-operated tailgate is not offered with the GMC Sierra, as it is exclusive to the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado model. Seeing as how the ability to customize a truck is one reason why many drivers opt for this vehicle class, GMC allowing consumers to choose the tailgate they want for their 2019 Sierra vehicle only seems natural.

News Source: GM Authority