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Lincoln Aviator’s 28-Speaker Revel Ultima 3D System is Nuts

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Revel Ultima 3D System Architecture
Photo: Lincoln Motor Company

One of the best parts about driving alone is having the freedom — and the confidence — to crank up your favorite song and belt out every word. The 2020 Lincoln Aviator makes it easier to take advantage of this urge with its new Revel Ultima 3D sound system, which offers three distinct listening modes and an immersion slider to provide an in-vehicle listening experience like you’ve never heard — or sung along with — before.

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“Our goal is to break down walls,” said Brandon Wheeler, manager, customer acoustics, Revel. “As you increase the immersion, you find yourself inside an incredibly expansive listening environment — one that seems to extend beyond the vehicle interior. Guitars, left and right, are very wide. The vocals are incredible. It’s really changing the norm of what you’d expect from sound in terms of reinforcement and position.”

The Revel Ultima 3D sound system features stereo, audience, and on-stage listening modes to provide a specific listening feel. Stereo puts you smack in the middle between a pair of speakers, audience mode makes it seem as if you’re sitting in the crowd looking up at the stage, and on-stage mode creates an environment of sound all around you that’ll have you singing along like you’re part of the band.

To achieve these effects, and to allow drivers to find their preference somewhere between the three modes, Revel emphasizes the placement of the 28 speakers throughout the cabin of the Aviator. The effects are simply stunning and have to be heard to be believed.

“The first time you hear it, you’ll get goosebumps,” added Wheeler. “I can almost guarantee it.”

The 2020 Lincoln Aviator is coming this summer. Break out that favorite mixtape (which you’ve hopefully since converted to a digital playlist on your smartphone since the Aviator doesn’t have a tape deck) and get ready.

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