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Road Trip Pit Stops: 4 Haunted Destinations in Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania is a great place to visit to see fall foliage. It’s also contains quite a few haunted sites worth checking out. Here are just four worth visiting on your next road trip in the Keystone State

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Head to Centralia to witness a uniquely spooky ghost towns where only a handful of residents remain. Back in 1962, an underground fire started in the town’s coal mines and it has kept burning ever since. According to, Centralia’s coal seam fires are the worst ones that have occurred in the U.S. and one of the most devastating ones in history. During your visit, make sure to stop by the two main cemeteries — SS Peter and Paul Orthodox Cemetery and St. Ignatius Cemetery — where victims from the fires have been buried. 

Mishler Theatre

Located in Altoona, the Mishler Theatre is a popular place for patrons to catch a show. It also happens to be the home of the founder’s ghost. Witnesses have reported seeing Isaac Mishler’s apparition wander the building’s halls; some have also claimed they’ve caught the scent of his cigar smoke.   

Devil’s Den 

Though many people visit Gettysburg to remember and learn more about the Civil War history, some visit it specifically to look for ghosts in one particular area on the grounds called Devil’s Den. The spirits of Confederate and Union soldiers who died in this spot purportedly remain to haunt those who traverse the landscapes of the famous battlefield. According to, one of the most frequently encountered ghosts is an agreeable man dressed in a floppy hat.

Eastern State Penitentiary

Philadelphia’s Eastern State Penitentiary no longer keeps prisoners, since its 1971 closing, yet phantoms are frequently seen and heard here. Built in 1829, this institution housed prisoners including Al Capone, during its time of use. Today, you can participate in a ghost tour and catch one of the paranormal-themed events when you visit. Make sure to check out cells 4, 6, and 12 when you explore the building since multiple ghost sightings have occurred in these rooms.  

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