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4 Reasons Why Your Teen Doesn’t Want to Drive

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Getting a driver’s license is a common goal for many young drivers. A driver’s license represents freedom, independence, and fun. It can unlock opportunities such as getting a job or going away to college. Despite the advantages and benefits, though, your teen may be stalling on the driver’s license process. Why? Well, there are many reasons why your teen could be reluctant to get behind the wheel.

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Environmental conscience

Your teen may be putting the needs of the environment before their need to drive friends around, according to writer C. Desatoff. Your teen’s dedication to protecting the Earth is commendable, and Desatoff advises you support them.

Gut-wrenching fear

Although you kind of remember what it was like to be a kid learning to drive, it’s probably been a long time, and your memory may be a bit rose-colored. Meaning, you may have forgotten (or blocked out) how terrifying it is to get behind the wheel. And, Desatoff notes that the streets of yesteryear don’t really resemble the challenges your teen is facing today.

“And our kids don’t always get the luxury of learning to drive out on big, open highways with only handfuls of cars around like we did back in the day,” he writes. “No, today’s streets are more congested than ever, and many of those cars are flying down the road at breakneck speeds.”

Doesn’t want to grow up

Driving is a serious responsibility, and your teen may not want anything to do with it, Matthew Rouse, Ph.D., MSW, writes on Driving represents a major milestone, and your teen might not be eager to reach it.

Bad experience on the road

Perhaps it’s not driving per se that’s freaking your teen out about becoming a licensed driver. Perhaps, it’s automobiles and driving in general. If your teen has already been in a car accident or have friends or family members who have gotten hurt in a vehicular collision, they may be too afraid to take the wheel, adds Desatoff.

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If your teen is scared, hesitant, or disinterested in becoming a licensed driver, it might be time for a heart to heart. The sooner you understand why your teen doesn’t want to drive, the sooner you can start working on a solution to get them behind the wheel or postpone the appointment at the DMV.