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5 Reasons to Buy an All-Wheel Drive Vehicle

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When you’re picking out your new vehicle, one of the decisions you have to make is about your drivetrain. There are a few different options, including all-wheel drive (AWD). Consider these AWD benefits before purchasing your new vehicle.

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5 Reasons to Buy an All-Wheel Drive Vehicle

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Snow Tires

Safer in Bad Weather

Since AWD sends power to all four wheels, this drivetrain provides better traction on the road. When bad weather conditions like rain and snow hit, AWD will help your vehicle grip the road and maintain traction control. You can also increase your traction by installing tires with deeper tread.


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Better Resale Value

Since AWD is a bit pricey at the time of purchase, AWD vehicles tend to have a better resale value than their matching two-wheel drive vehicles. Plus, with AWD, you open yourself up to a larger number of buyers since your vehicle is not limited by climate.


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Fast Driving

Faster Acceleration

Better traction means better acceleration. If your vehicle has AWD, it will use all four wheels to increase the vehicle’s speed, which means you’ll have a better acceleration time.


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2018 Jeep Wrangler JK


If you plan to go to any off-roading parks or spend time in difficult terrains, all-wheel drive is the way to go. Of course, not all AWD vehicles are capable of off-roading – however, if you plan to off-road, you’ll want a vehicle equipped with AWD.


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Improved Traction and Towing

AWD helps to improve your towing capabilities. If you have a large truck or SUV and plan on towing an item like a boat or RV regularly, you’ll want to pick a vehicle with AWD.



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