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5 Things to Know Before Becoming an Uber or Lyft Driver

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If you’re in need of some extra money, you might think that becoming an Uber or Lyft driver is the thing to do. You basically get paid to drive your car around the city while also meeting new people and helping them get to their destination.

Before becoming a rideshare driver, there are some things to know.

Actual earnings

The first thing to know is that you might be earning less than advertised when driving for Uber or Lyft. A 2015 study showed that drivers in 20 cities earned more than $19 per hour, on average.

However, a later study showed that some drivers earned less than $8.77 an hour after expenses. Therefore, it might be better to combine rideshare driving with a part-time job.

The differences between Uber and Lyft

When it comes to driving for Lyft vs Uber, some sources write that Lyft is more driver-friendly than Uber.

In terms of payment, both companies pay around the same amount. Rates change over time, and you might notice some differences depending on when you check.

Be in tune with peak hours

As a paid driver, you’ll want to know when peak hours occur (usually late at night or in the morning, but not limited to these two). This helps you work your schedule around these peak hours and make room for your personal life or second job.

Know your area of service

No passenger would want to be driven around by a driver that doesn’t know where they’re going. You might also give the impression that you are taking a longer route to increase your payment.

Tip procedure

The Lyft app has its customers’ tips built in, while Uber does not: instead, passengers have the option to tip the driver if they want to.

However, keep in mind that Uber passengers pay for their rides with their credit card and if they want to tip you, they’ll have to do so in cash – and there’s the chance they might not have cash on them.

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