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6 Famous Celebrities Who Drive Hyundai Vehicles

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Not all celebrities drive fancy European supercars. Some are content with riding around in a practical, affordable Hyundai vehicle. While Hyundai isn’t known for being a high-class brand, it still offers an appealing experience behind the wheel that even the bourgeoisie can appreciate. Here are six of those stars who love Hyundai.

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6 Stars With a Love for Hyundai

[wptab name=”Ban Ki-Moon”]

Celebrities who drive hyundai cars Ban Ki-Moon

Photo: The Official CTBTO Photostream via Flickr/cc

Ban Ki-Moon

Calling Korea his home,  it’s no surprise that United Nations Secretary-General ban Ki-Moon has an affinity for Korean automobiles. His vehicle of choice has been a stunning limousine version of the Hyundai Equus (now absorbed into the Genesis sub-brand).


[wptab name=”Metta World Peace”]

Metta World Peace

You may know him by his new legal name Metta World Peace, or you may still think of him by his previous name, Ron Artest. Either way, this talented professional basketball player currently playing for the Lakers was given a specially customized Hyundai Genesis from George Lopez. The personalized sedan bears special Lakers-themed aftermarket touches added by Platinum Motorsport.


[wptab name=”PSY”]


While he may have been a “15 minutes of fame” celebrity in America, PSY has been and still is a big name in his home country of Korea. Living up to his hit song’s title, PSY lives “Gangam style” when driving his classy Hyundai Equus.


[wptab name=”Snoop Dogg”]

Celebrities who drive hyundai cars Snoop Lion

Snoop Dogg & Family

Through its previous “The Family that Rocks Together, Rolls Together” campaign, Hyundai used the market industry to reach new demographics. The campaign involved showcases celebrity families and their Hyundai vehicles, which included Snoop Dogg (formerly Snoop Lion) and his crew around a tricked-out Hyundai SUV.


[wptab name=”Tyrese Gibson”]

Celebrities who drive hyundai cars Tyrese Gibson

John Base Andrews
in public domain

Tyrese Gibson

As one of the stars of the blockbuster Fast and Furious franchise, Gibson no doubt owns a whole garage full of high-end cars. Back in his youth, though, the actor apparently learned to drive in a Hyundai.


[wptab name=”Jeff Bridges”]

Jeff Bridges

The former spokesperson for Hyundai (now replaced by Paul Rudd) was the brand’s voice in commercials for a decade, so it’s no surprise that Bridges has a Hyundai in his garage to experience the product he promoted.



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Source: Muscle Car Zone