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8 Reasons the Drive-Thru Worker Hates You

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These tips could help ease that look you get when you pull up to the window.

Truck Crashes into Taco Bell Drive-Thru

This one is a big no-no.

Drive-thru lanes at fast food chains are quickly becoming the best way to get the treat you want without having to wait in line. While there are many unspoken rules of drive-thru etiquette, it can be difficult to keep straight—until now. We’ve gathered eight of the most important rules to follow the next time you are looking to get your fast food fix, so make sure you check them out below!

  1. Talking on the phone while ordering. Make sure you put your cell phone conversation on hold before you pull up to order. If you’re attempting to get someone’s order by phone while you’re also ordering for yourself, you create delays for everyone—and a lot of confusion for the employee helping you.
  1. Generously blasting your music. While thumping beats might make driving more enjoyable, it can make understanding your order difficult. The drive-thru cashier is not interested in judging your taste in music today. Either turn down or turn off your music before pulling up to the service speaker.
  1. Everyone is busy, not just you. If the restaurant is busy inside, it might take awhile for you to get your order taken. Stay patient and make sure you maintain a polite face with the employee helping you. Getting aggravated and yelling at the order taker won’t help much—and it might just get your food spat in. Also, make sure you have your order ready before you arrive at the speaker box to make sure the process is as efficient as possible.
  1. Whispering into the microphone. What?! Believe it or not, this happens a lot. Speak loudly and clearly to ensure the employee can understand you. There’s typically no reason to yell—if the employee can’t hear you, they will ask you to repeat what you said.
  1. You knew this would require payment. Have your wallet out and ready when you arrive at the window. If there’s a line, you can even have the exact change ready to prevent you from fumbling around and looking for more money!
Why Drive-Thru Workers Hate You

You should probably have a real car, first.

  1. Two words: Wiper shower. Windshield wipers wipe away water from your window—that’s what they’re made to do. When your windshield wipers are on, though, they tend to send water flying everywhere. Make sure you keep the employee at the service window dry by turning your windshield wipers off before you reach them.
  1. Don’t change your order at the window. Employees begin making your food as you’re ordering it, so deciding to add a last minute burger at the window can throw off the entire process—it’s possible that they’re already working on the next order in the drive-thru. Get everything taken care of at the microphone, or you’re likely to get part of the next family’s order.
  1. Get your stuff and go. Get your food, check that everything is there, and then get moving as quickly as you can, especially if there is a long line behind you. Your favorite restaurant is so glad you stopped by, but get outta here, already.