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800hp Nissan GT-R Driver Goes 203mph on Highway, is Bag of Dongs

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We are getting ready to tell you about an 800hp Nissan GT-R that got up to 203 miles per hour on the highway before just barely escaping utter disaster. Do we really need to preface this with a “don’t try this yourself” warning?

We’ll say this: if you own a car that can go faster than 200 miles per hour, then just take it to the track and try to jumpstart your amateur racing career there. If you’re driving 200mph on the highway without being 100% sure that it’s closed off, then you’re probably a bag of dongs.

Okay. Now that we’ve established that you are not a bag of dongs, we shall proceed.

[VIDEO] 800hp Nissan GT-R Hits 203mph, Tire Explodes

As you might have guessed, the driver in the video above (a driver who is, we should add, a bag of dongs) gets his 800hp Nissan GT-R up to an impressive 327 kilometers per hour (or 203mph) before—surprise!—something goes awry. Our courageous hero’s right front tire blows up like a prop in a Michael Bay movie, and we join him over the course of 32 terrifying seconds as he skids to a complete stop.

800-hp Nissan GT-R


Miraculously, the dong-filled bag of a driver manages to not kill himself or anyone else on the road, so some credit is due to him for not applying the brakes, which could have resulted in a considerably more tragic outcome.

So let’s all give this guy the acknowledgement that he so desperately craves before he decides to do anything idiotic again: hey fella, that sure is a nice 800hp Nissan GT-R you’ve got there. Why, I bet it goes awfully fast. We all know that your ability to go fast is inversely proportionate to your lameness, so we can all agree that you are cool and in no way a bag of dongs. Good luck managing all of those repair costs, jackass.

800hp Nissan GT-R

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Photo: pizdec77/GTRLife

Source: Motor Authority, LiveLeak