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Abandon All Boats: Men Prove Their Love of Football in New Hyundai NFL Commercials

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Hyundai fishing trip boat commercial NFL fan Miami Dolphins

How far would you go?

We’ve finally passed Labor Day, and the first NFL game of the season–a rematch between the Panthers and Broncos, with an opening kickoff show from Hyundai–went down last night. Naturally, everyone’s excitement is running wild as team devotion comes out yet again.

Hyundai shares the same passion as NFL fans do, and the automaker is making that clear in two new commercials: one about a man’s boat and another about a man’s towel.

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The “Fishing Trip” That Never Happens

The first commercial, entitled “Fishing Trip,” features a dedicated Miami Dolphins fan and the song “Sailing” by Christopher Cross.

After being reminded by his wife of the fishing trip they have scheduled with his in-laws, this Dolphins fan leaves his morning coffee to make a necessary sacrifice. Hopping in his 2017 Hyundai Elantra, he drives to the pier to where his boat–the aptly named “The Perfect Sea-son”–is docked. With a kick, he pushes the un-tethered boat off into the sea, proclaiming, “Not my Sunday.”

While undeniably an impulsive decision–surely there was another way this man could’ve gotten out of a fishing trip so he could watch his football game–Hyundai reassures us that it doesn’t judge fans for their loyalty–however far it may go.


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“Choices” We’d Prefer Not to Make

The second commercial that promotes fan loyalty–and Hyundai’s official sponsorship of the NFL–focuses on a decision that one fan struggles to make. What matters more: preserving your dignity, or honoring your favorite team?

Driving his sons in his 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe, a father pulls the SUV over after baby Joey throws up in the back seat. Holding back heaves from the stench, the man runs to the trunk and pulls out a towel to wipe the vomit with. But it’s not just any old towel–it’s a yellow “Terrible Towel” from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Obviously, his button-down business shirt is the one to go, rather than tarnishing the beloved towel–in spite of his son’s embarrassment.

Hyundai has a track record of great football commercials, such as last year’s unforgettable ads, and this year’s are no different.