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Actor James Woods Says Jeep Grand Cherokee Saved His Life

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Most people know four-wheel drive vehicles are particular useful when it comes to driving in winter weather, but famous Hollywood actor James Woods actually credits his 4WD Jeep Grand Cherokee for saving his life recently in Colorado.

According to his official Twitter account, Woods was traveling down the Glenwood Canyon part of I-70 going west when a vehicle in front of the actor spun during an ice storm. Woods hit the guardrail trying to avoid the spinning car, then did a 180 degree spin and hit the guard rail on the other side of the road.

The actor sent a tweet in which he expressed gratitude for that guardrail not failing:

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Counting his own car, there were seven cars involved in the accident, but officers told Woods that he was the only person not to collide with another vehicle. Woods says that nobody died in the accident, but he did say he felt banged up and even apologized for what he called rambling, citing that he had a little concussion.

Woods also had very nice things to say about the emergency responders who attended to those involved in the accident as he wrote via Twitter, “Every person I dealt with here in Colorado was just superb, professional and caring.”

The 68-year-old actor, who starred in films such as Casino, Scary Movie 2, and Vampires, also wrote that he had winter tires equipped on his Grand Cherokee and that he has his vehicle inspected “religiously.”

Woods released the following Tweet on Tuesday:

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