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After Binge-Watching All 8 ‘Fast & Furious’ Films, This Hilarious Video Sums Up What it Was Like

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The Final Race

Before The Fate of the Furious hit the big screen, I resolved to watch the whole Fast & Furious franchise to get properly acquainted with the series that car enthusiasts apparently loved. If you read my review of the series, you’ll know that I wasn’t really all that impressed.

Fortunately, there’s plenty to love about some of the content that has been spawned as a result of the franchise’s existence. You may have seen, for instance, the supercut of every single shift in the first seven movies, or various satirical clips on comedy networks.

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This latest parody, however, is probably the greatest of them all: titled “The Final Race” and produced by Car Bros, it features a drag race between a Subaru WRX STI and a Ford Mustang in the style of The Fast and the Furious, complete with everything you would see in the franchise: an inordinate amount of shifting even in an automatic car, driving in reverse, intense staring, a 12-second drag race that takes more than a minute to develop on screen, and more, all depicted with the appropriate amount of ridicule and hilarity.

Near the end of the video, Car Bros even dares to make a parody out of Paul Newman’s death and the tribute to him in Furious 7 by inserting their face onto Newman’s via CGI, just as Newman’s had been CGI-ed on top of his brother’s face after filming had ended. We’ll let you decide whether you think it’s in poor taste or a veritable stroke of comedic genius.

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