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Aftermarket Modifications to Personalize Your Accessible Van

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Ways to give your wheelchair vehicle a unique, personal flair

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If you own an accessible van, chances are you didn’t choose that particular model because it was your favorite style. Unfortunately, the automotive options available to wheelchair users are very limited, as only certain large, utilitarian models like minivans and SUVs can be modified for accessibility — and those forms of vehicles may not fit your tastes. Luckily, there are ways you can still customize your accessible vehicle so it reflects your unique personality and style.

Custom paint or decals

The most obvious way to flaunt your style is to pay for an aftermarket paint job. Although standard factory colors can be boring and mundane, you have your choice of a rainbow of colors when you pay for custom repainting. Decals like racing stripes or black flames add another layer of distinctiveness. Just make sure you go with a shop who knows how to work on your vehicle without damaging it.

Custom wheels

The standard factory style of van and SUV wheels can be very boring, but there are plenty of more fashionable wheels available through aftermarket vendors. These units sport cool spoke patterns and chrome finishes.

Funny window clings

Want to make it look like Queen Elizabeth is riding shotgun? You can apply a safe, non-obstructive sticker to a window. Because you can still see through it, it won’t impede your visibility, but it will give other drivers a chuckle.

Steering wheel cover

Depending on what modifications have been made to your control console, you may still be able to apply a steering wheel cover. There are numerous covers on the market, ranging from fuzzy pink sleeves to sleek leather sheaths.

Vanity license plate

You can have a lot of fun brainstorming a vanity license plate that reflects your sense of humor.

Cabin LED lights

Want to make your mobility van look like a party van? Install ropes of colored LED lights along the cabin ceiling. Your vehicle will soon become the cool ride among your friends.

Scent diffuser

The look of your vehicle isn’t the only way you can personalize it — you can customize its smell, too. Buy a plug-in essential oil diffuser or air freshener that emits a scent you like.

However you choose to personalize your accessible van, make sure the modifications won’t impede your entry or operation systems and won’t void any warranty restrictions.