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Alex Ovechkin Gets Accord, Donates it to Special Needs Hockey Team

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All-Star Alex Ovechkin and his "date," Ann Schaab, who plays for the Washington Ice Dogs, a special needs hockey team in DC

Alex Ovechkin and his “date,” Ann Schaab, who plays for the Washington Ice Dogs, a special needs hockey team

Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin lobbied hard to be the last person selected in the NHL All-Star draft, saying he needed the free 2015 Honda Accord that was given as a consolation prize to the last two picks. Team captains Nick Foligno and Jonathan Toews wondered how anyone with a 13-year, $124 million contract (the largest in NHL history) could “need” a free sedan, so they assumed he was joking, and colluded to pick Ovechkin third-to-last.

Alex Ovechkin reveals his desire for a 2015 Accord

Alex Ovechkin lobbying hard to be picked last in the 2015 NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft

But it turns out Ovechkin wasn’t kidding around: he really did want the car, although not for himself. Ovechkin actually planned on donating it to the Washington Ice Dogs, a DC-area hockey team for kids and young adults with developmental disabilities. It turns out the all-star has a special connection to the special needs hockey team, having once shared a romantic sushi dinner date with 10-year old Ice Dog Ann Schaab:

“Everybody felt like I just want a car to drive it,” Ovechkin told The Washington Post. “Obviously I have lots of cars. Of course it kind of show time, do it for charity as well. Some maybe haters or somebody going to think I just need a car, but we do it for charity and good stuff.”

So on Sunday night, Ovechkin continued his quest for a free car by trying to win the All-Star Game MVP award, but fell short after only recording three assists.

But don’t worry, this sports story has a happy ending: Once Honda realized Ovechkin’s intentions were noble, the Japanese automaker went ahead and gave Ovechkin the new Accord he’d been hoping for.

“Honda connected with my agent and they just gave me a car, so I’m going to donate [it] to [the Ice Dogs] and that sweet little girl,” Ovechkin told

Maybe on their next date, Ann can be the one who gives Alex a ride to dinner.

News Source: The Washington Post