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American Honda Reports January Sales Dip

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2018 Honda Pilot Elite

American Honda is reporting a slight dip in January 2018 sales compared to the previous year. The Honda Division (excluding Acura vehicles) was down 1.6% on sales of 95,634 vehicles. Cars were down 1.3% on sales of 45,224 units and trucks down 1.8% on sales of 50,410 units.

Overall, however, the trend remains that of an upward one, as Honda was just last month celebrating its third consecutive all-time annual sales record. Additionally, despite the dip, several models put in praiseworthy performances in January.

The Honda Civic was up 2.8% on sales of 23,749 units compared to January 2017 after also setting an annual sales record, while the HR-V was up 10% on sales of 6,259 units to set a new January high. The star of the month was no doubt the Pilot, which was up a whopping 61.8% on sales of 11,619 units, marking its fifth straight monthly increase in sales.

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Honda attributes the Pilot’s success to “improved supplies,” suggesting that its true market strength hadn’t been properly represented in previous months.

Curiously, the Accord was down 9.5% compared to January 2017 despite the launch of an all-new model that has been earning the praise of just about every automotive publication under the sun. Still, we don’t expect this slight dip to be the sign of a decline—and, clearly, neither does Honda.

“With a strong and fresh product line-up, we’re confident in the fundamental competitiveness of our products in their segments,” said Henio Arcangeli, Jr., senior vice president of the Automobile Division & general manager of Honda Sales.

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