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An Assortment of Animals Drop by the Chrysler World Headquarters for Earth Day

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Eagles and tree sloths and skunks, oh my!

Birds of a feather head to the Chrysler headquarters together

The Chrysler World Headquarters and Technology Center is located on more than 100 acres of natural wetlands. As such, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles thought that it might be a good idea to have the center’s 15,000 employees familiarize themselves with the the natural area and the animals that live there.

Therefore, Chrysler partnered with 40 local organizations to host various species of animals at the automaker’s headquarters on Earth Day.

During the nature-based holiday, several species were brought to the Chrysler World Headquarters and Technology Center so that Chrysler’s employees could learn more about them. To help with that mission of education, animal experts from organizations like the Howell Nature Center were present to answer any questions the employees might have. Those same organizations also set up booths and displays to demonstrate their commitment to conservation.

The majority of the animals present, such as a bald eagle and a great-horned owl, called the surrounding wetlands their homes. However, more exotic creatures, such as a two-toed sloth, were also present for the Earth Day event.

Let’s just hope this sloth doesn’t work at the DMV

“The event’s goal was to educate employees about the need to protect and preserve the earth and to get outside and enjoy it,” said Environmental, Health and Safety event coordinator Dave Jump.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles also published a video documenting the event. You can watch the video below:

So, if you have ever looked at a striped skunk and thought that it had its own set of “cool racing stripes,” then you and Chrysler apparently have something in common. Nevertheless, at least the company is demonstrating its passion for the wildlife in the surrounding area.