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Are Car Shows Dead: Volkswagen is a No-Show

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Why Volkswagen is a No-Show

Volkswagen may stop attending auto shows along with other car companies

At the Paris Motor Show this year, there were a handful of manufacturers that did not attend. A noteworthy one was Volkswagen. In an interview with, Volkswagen Group’s Dr. Herbert Diess, explained why Volkswagen was a no-show.

“Motor shows are dead,” Diess said. “They are a product of the 1960s and they are not as relevant anymore. They’re not delivering what we want and they’re not delivering what car buyers want.”

The automaker has grown fonder of outdoor events that open up the door to concerts, champagne, and, most notably, test drives of its latest cars, SUVs, and hatchbacks.

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In July, Volkswagen was present at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in West Sussex, England. This year marked the 25th year for the outdoor motorsport and car event. It involves a hill climb where drivers in motor racing vehicles and bikes compete for the best time.

Perhaps other car brands are finding auto shows less than thrilling. The Los Angeles Auto Show hosts saw many car manufactures unveil new models offsite or online, including MINI, Mazda, Honda, and Porsche.

Catching on to this growing trend, Detroit moved its January auto show to June for 2020-2026 in hopes of appealing to more automakers and consumers in an outdoor setting.

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However, brands like Volkswagen may not want to attend due to ROI reasoning. Establishing a presence at a car show entails a display, news conference, lighting, music, food, and other amenities. This can cost at least $500,000, which many car companies would prefer to spend on digital advertising.

What do you think? Are car shows are on the way out, or can they catch fire with some simple modifications? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.