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Artist Draws Nissan Micra After 60-Second Preview

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nissan micra challengeIf we told you to draw the Nissan Micra, you would probably struggle. Even if you had a picture of it (or the whole car) in front of you, drawing is a skill that not all of us possess. Drawing a car after only 60 seconds to look at it and using new-to-you virtual reality technology surely takes the task from the realm of difficult to impossible. Unless your name is Stephen Wiltshire, that is.

Stephen Wiltshire is a world-famous artist known for his monochome and very detailed drawings of famous city skylines. The most amazing part of these drawings is that Wiltshire doesn’t need a photo in front of him to draw his subjects. That’s because he is gifted (or cursed?) with a photographic memory. Usually Wiltshire takes a helicopter ride for a few minutes over a city and then draws everything from memory.

The artist was recently asked by Nissan to create a piece of art for them based of off the the all-new Nissan Micra. However, they asked him to abandon his traditional pen to use Google’s Tilt Brush. Oh, and he would only have 60 seconds to look at the car from all angles before creating his 3D drawing.

Take a look at the master at work below.

It’s astounding how accurate Wiltshire’s drawing is. At the end of the video, it is perfectly superimposed over the real vehicle, all without the artist measuring a thing. The video closes with a quote from Wiltshire: “It’s easy for me to remember things I find interesting.” Clearly Wiltshire really likes the Micra.