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BMW M2 Delivery Schedule Already Into 2017

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2016 BMW M2 Coupe

We’ve been reporting for a while about the new BMW M2’s astounding popularity. The relatively affordable sports car has been turning heads since it was revealed in October, and several regions are reporting that their allotment of the production cars is sold out. If you are still sitting on the fence about ordering this vehicle, you should know that your indecision might have already doomed you to taking delivery of your new vehicle in 2017.

According to the BMW Blog, European customers checking in on their ordered BMW M2 vehicles have reported a 2017 estimate for their order to be fulfilled. Some customers in Germany–BMW’s home turf–are reporting that they have yet to be promised a delivery date, even though they placed their orders almost four months ago.

BMW is known for ramping up its production levels gradually when a new model is introduced, which could account for the long timeline. It is also thought that the automaker had no earthly idea of how popular the BMW 1M’s heir would be. The vehicle is not a limited edition, but it does share a production facility in Leipzig with several other vehicles which could be hampering production speed.

We’re wondering if the cars delivered in 2017 will be the 2016 model, or if BMW will have to pull a Dodge and cancel orders that were unfulfilled in the 2016 model year and ask shoppers to reorder the 2017 model instead (Dodge was forced to do the same when orders exceeded supply of the new Hellcat vehicles).

News Source: BMW Blog