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BMW Motorrad Has Its Own Graphic Novel

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BMW Motorrad Graphic Novel

The BMW Motorrad lineup is pretty cool, and BMW just made it even more hip by releasing a graphic novel for their popular motorcycles. Panini Verlags GmbH, a German comic book publisher, partnered with BMW to create a story called Riders on the Storm, where the heroes ride BMW motorcycles in their fight for justice. Lucky Comic Con Germany attendees in Stuttgart got a sneak peek at the comic and how it was produced before the book is released to the public in October.

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The force behind the story is from author Darko Macan, and Italian illustrator Riccardo Burchielli of Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse fame will create the visuals. It doesn’t hurt that Burchielli rides motorcycles himself, so he will know what the bikes are physically capable of when creating dynamic images full of action. BMW Motorrad is also quick to point out that having a motorcycle enthousiast as the artist means that he will also choose the right motorcycle from their lineup for each rider.

According to the creative team, the comics will follow three heroes who ride BMW Motorrad motorcycles. One of the riders, a police woman named Makani, has a wolf with supernatural abilities as a side kick. The character is also modeled after a real-life tattoo model named Makani Terror.

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Hermann Paul, managing director of Panini Verlags GmbH, said, “This is a very special project for us, and it’s a great honor and pleasure to be able to collaborate with BMW Motorrad. The author and illustrator are having enormous fun, and we very much look forward to overseeing this extravagant and stylish blend of fantasy, adventure and mystery. The comic is conceived as a limited edition, so it will be a really great item for collectors worldwide.”

If you want to read the story for yourself, it is slated for an October 2016 release. There is no word from the publishing house or BMW Motorrad on whether the distribution will be limited to Europe, or if it will make it to the US.