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BMW Set to Release an Electric Version of Its X3 Vehicle in 2020

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The model, dubbed the BMW iX3, will be the automaker's first electric-powered utility vehicle

BMW is expanding its electric enterprises to its X Series of vehicles

BMW’s current plans have the automaker introducing 25 new electrified models by the year 2025. Meanwhile, the sales for many of its SUV and crossover models continue to climb higher with each passing month. Therefore, it only makes sense that BMW would eventually introduce an electric model for one of its utility vehicles. In 2020, BMW is set to launch the fully electric BMW iX3.

The official announcement for this electric vehicle was made earlier this month at a sneak peak of BMW’s upcoming products. “In 2020 we will launch the fully electric X3. In it, X and i come together,” explained Harald Kr├╝ger, the CEO of BMW.

Reports indicate that this might only be the beginning for BMW’s “iX” lineup. The automaker has secured the nameplates for the “iX1” through the “iX9.” At the moment, BMW’s X Series is only planned to go up to “X7,” the nameplate for BMW’s upcoming utility model due out sometime next year. Funding for these electric vehicles will have to come from somewhere, and what better means to collect that cash than through the rumored “X8” and “X9” vehicles.

The BMW iNext will be next on BMW’s list of electric vehicles

The BMW i Division currently consists of the small i3 and performance-based i8. Joining their ranks in 2021 will be the iNext vehicle. iNext is BMW’s new flagship vehicle for its expanded i Division. Reports suggest that this model could bear the “i9” nameplate when it finally arrives on dealer lots.

Given BMW’s most recent calendar schedule, the BMW iX3 is actually set to be released prior the iNext. With 25 upcoming electric models in the works, and 12 of them reportedly being all-electric, it would be surprising if BMW didn’t add a few more electric SUVs and crossovers to its lineup shortly after the iX3 launches.

News Source: Green Car Reports