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Braking Bad: Stop Your Car Brakes from Squeaking

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How to stop your car brakes from squeaking

Hello car brake, my old friend. I’ve come to hear your squeals again.

We have all been there. You buy that brand spanking new car and impress your friends as you drive the whole nine yards. One day though, that little hot rod sounds more like the little engine who thought he could than the vehicle everyone envies you for driving. Them’s the brakes, sunny.


Brakes do not stay hush forever. Like a baby, brakes will let out a squealing cry. On the bright side, they will continue to operate like normal.

Squeaking symphony

While your car may not sound as pretty as a violin in a concert hall, it does share a characteristic with the instrument.

Many brakes today involve a cast-iron disc that cuddles between two brake pads that feature friction components. When conditions are in tune, the disc, pads and the caliper they connect to begin to vibrate like the strings of a violin. Only you are not intentionally stroking them with a bow. More than likely, you just want to shoot them with a bow ‘n arrow, but that would only waste your time.

If you don’t find this performance entertaining, you could take your vehicle to a trusted mechanic. On the other hand, you can fix this annoyance on your end and stop your car brakes from squeaking.

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Achieving the sound of silence

If this old friend comes creeping once again, chances are it does offend. There are some things you can do to silence the disturbing noise of squeals.

For one, you could just turn up the music on your radio, but that would not allow the desired silence you know to grow like a cancer to and fro.


One solution would be to swap out your brake pads for a different friction element like a ceramic or premium metallic pad.

However, if you feel that your pads still have a longer life to live, you can visit your local auto parts store and try a liquid spray — like aerosol — that promises to cure squeaks. Do your research, as any fluid can change the friction features of your car’s pads.

A last case resort would be to separate the piston from the brake pad acoustically with Teflon shims. For your information, many new brake pads will come with Teflon shims intact. These shims will join the piston and the caliper’s hydraulic piston.

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These tactics could make your vehicle a quieter place to lounge in while you drive. However, if the monsters in your wheels continue to drive you up the wall like the morning buzzing of your alarm clock, try sticking the backing plate to the piston or caliper housing.


Source: Popular Mechanics