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Buick Officially Discontinues the Cascada

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One of Buick's last remaining passenger cars is on the way out

2019 Buick Cascada Convertible
Buick bids farewell to its final convertible model
Photo: Buick

With a shifting focus toward SUVs and crossovers, Buick already has a limited passenger car lineup. Now, the automaker is getting ready to get rid of yet another of its passenger cars, as it is reportedly discontinuing the Cascada.

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The Cascada is Buick’s only convertible model. It’s actually based on the Opel Cascada, a carryover from a time when General Motors still owned the Opel brand.

The Cascada isn’t the only Opel model on the chopping block. Opel is also phasing out the Adam and KARL models.

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This cancellation shouldn’t be all that shocking. Since its introduction to the Buick lineup back in 2016, the Cascada has only netted approximately 17,000 sales.

Indeed, the Cascada was continuously Buick’s lowest-selling model. In 2018, Buick only sold 4,136 Cascada vehicles, a 26.1 percent sales decline compared to the previous year.

2018 Buick Regal GS
Could the Regal be the next Buick on the chopping block?
Photo: Buick

GM has also announced plans to move Buick away from its dependence on Opel platforms, as it no longer controls the company after selling Opel and Vauxhall to PSA Groupe during the second half of 2017. That isn’t a good sign for Buick models that currently still utilize Opel-based platforms, such as the Regal.

Still, the Buick Regal is in a much better position than the Cascada was. Regal sales were actually up by 22.1 percent last year, thanks in part to the introduction of the Buick Regal TourX.

Buick will reportedly continue selling the Cascada through the 2019 model year, but after that it will disappear from the lineup. The Cascada’s death leaves GM with two convertible models: the Chevy Corvette and the Chevy Camaro. It also showcases the rapid decline in passenger cars that the industry is currently experiencing.

News Source: Jalopnik