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Who Would Buy a Small Sports Car from Hyundai?

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Small Sports Car from Hyundai

The old 2007 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Concept could be a big brother to the small sports car from Hyundai

Hyundai has been all over the place these past couple years in its scattered concept ideas and wild pursuits.

First there was the Tucson Fuel Cell vehicle touting hydrogen power before other automakers caught on. Then the automaker claimed to be producing a direct rival to the Prius. It also has been testing a modified Hyundai Veloster-Raptor. And, let’s not forget about Hyundai’s transforming car, the Car-meleon…or that cargo van.

Many are unsure of Hyundai Motors, as Hyundai seems to be unsure of itself. While the choices it’s been making have been good (as evidenced by the ten millionth Elantra being sold this month), its plan to launch 22 new vehicles by 2017 is both exciting and disconcerting.

The latest tentative pet project for the Korean automaker is a small sports car, and we have to wonder–would it catch on?


Speculating on the Small Sports Car from Hyundai

According to Hyundai Motor Europe’s senior VP and COO, Allan Rushforth, we need to be prepared for a possible small sports car from Hyundai in the near future–that’s if you believe a guy who’s announcing things while on his way out to take an executive job at Nissan.

Believing what Rushforth told Autocar during the interview, let’s look at the possibilities:

  • Would this be a powerful car? Likely not, as the Genesis already holds the title of horsepower-minded machine.
  • Could this be the return of the Coupe (aka the Tiburon)? Nope. Rushforth confirmed that the audience for such a vehicle has moved on from the 1990s.
  • Would this be similar to the kinda-but-not-really sporty nature of the Veloster? While it could have a similar powertrain, the new sports car won’t be a lopsided hatchback.
  • Does this have anything to do with Hyundai’s World Rally Championship and N performance division? That’d be a solid bet.

The 2007 Hyundai Tiburon won’t be returning
Photo: Wikipedia

Essentially, it looks like this global sports car could be a small, smooth roadster to compete directly with the Mazda MX-5 Miata. Apparently, the new Miata’s so-so success deserves some competition–which is true if Hyundai can produce a better model than the 2016 MX-5.

If the PassoCorto Concept that was revealed during the 2014 Geneva Motor Show is any indication, Hyundai has some high-qualities ideas in store for the small sports car. Maybe it could catch on after all!

There is one more vehicle in development from Hyundai–a B-segment crossover to arrive in the next two years. If you haven’t seen enough of Hyundai already, prepare to get your fill!