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Celebrating 20 Years of the Lexus December to Remember Campaign

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2020 Lexus RX
Photo: Lexus

Many automakers have some sort of year-end sales event, but none have been as catchy and memorable as the Lexus December to Remember campaign. This festive campaign has been going strong since 1999. Here’s a look back at how it reshaped the way we view year-end sales events.

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An emotional approach

Your average automaker’s year-end clearance sale campaign is all about the numbers — incentives, interest rates, MSRPs, and so on. While everyone loves a good deal, that doesn’t fully capture the essence of the holiday season.

Since Lexus isn’t your average automaker, its campaign focused on the emotional weight of the season — the excitement, anticipation, and joy of giving, and of course, our loved ones’ reactions to our presents.

“Where other manufacturers were focused on sales transactions – ‘moving sheet metal’ — Lexus focused on the holidays and the joyful, human moments that create special memories,” said Lisa Materazzo, the vice president of marketing at Lexus. She believes that human-centric approach is what makes the Lexus December to Remember campaign so beloved and successful.

This people-first approach resulted in a series of vignettes that showcase cute family scenes — like a mom and daughter working together to hide a big red bow that’s destined to adorn the brand-new Lexus being gifted to dad.

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A Few of the Most Memorable Decembers

If you’re in the mood for some holiday nostalgia, here’s a look at a few December to Remember ads from its 20-year history.

What’s that song?

You might notice a common thread in Lexus December to Remember ads — aside from the heartwarming scenes. There’s a joyful tune in the background called “Family and Friends.”

Here’s a video by the song’s creator, Steve Kujala, who helpfully titled the video “The Lexus Song.” It’s a sweet melody that hits all the right playful and sentimental notes.

Source: Lexus