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Check Out This 1,000 HP Honda Odyssey from Bisimoto Engineering [VIDEO]

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Bisimoto Engineering 1000 hp Honda Odyssey minivan

The latest episode of Tuned features a car that’s not exactly synonymous with cool: a Honda Odyssey. But what makes this particular one so special? Just the fact that it features a 1,000-horsepower engine.

The audaciously-powerful Odyssey is the product of Bisimoto Engineering, an auto shop in Ontario, California, that is owned and founded by Nigerian immigrant Bisi Ezerioha.

“The philosophy of Bisimoto is to build very unique creations,” says Ezerioha, and nothing says “unique” quite like a minivan equipped with four-digit ponies.

The minivan gets taken for a high-speed test drive at about the 6:40 mark, after we see one of Bisi’s other creations, a truly terrifying 1,000 hp Porsche 911:

Obviously, this is not your grandma’s Odyssey. The minivan was rebuilt on an air suspension, and features a six-speed manual gearbox transmission taken from an Acura TL, as well as a tuned engine. Bisi built the 2014 Honda Odyssey for that year’s SEMA Show, where it no doubt garnered its fair share of double takes.

In the end, host Matt Farah actually says he prefers the Odyssey minivan to the frighteningly fast Porsche. Expectant fathers who are worried about having to trade in their sports car for a family vehicle, take heart.