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Chevy Alerts Help Drivers Avoid Tons of Fines on Bogota’s Day Without a Car

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Chevystar app

The Car-Free Day is a phenomenon observed in multiple countries around the world as a means to provide citizens with time for reflection, help grow community bonds, and provide some context for the environmental impact of driving on a daily basis.

The biggest Car-Free Day is the annual event that recently took place in Bogotá, Colombia. On the day of the Day Without a Car, Chevrolet’s Chevystar sent out 5,459 notifications to drivers to remind them to avoid getting behind the wheels of their vehicles. The message, “Chevystar reminds you that today is the day without car. Chevrolet—Find New Roads,” was also issued in an audible form for anyone who turned on their vehicle.

Because the government reinforces the concept of a Car-Free Day with fines for those who break the embargo, Chevy estimates that it saved drivers more than 11 billion pesos in fines, provided of course that all Chevy drivers inexplicably forgot the concept of Car-Free Day at the same time.

“Technology is progressing faster and faster and new trends translate into the ability to innovate and create to make the driving experience more surprising,” said Camilo Ruiz, Marketing Manager, Chevrolet. “Services like Pico and Plate alert or Day Without a Car allow us to offer our users technological solutions that make their day-to-day life more pleasant and practical.”

The Chevystar app also provides users with the ability to remotely lock and unlock doors, geolocate their vehicles, and access 24-hour/7-day-a-week roadside assistance.