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Chevy Will Add an Electrified Hybrid Powertrain to the C8 Corvette ZR1

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The new C8 Corvette ZR1 will soon get an electrified hybrid powertrain. (Just in case you needed another reason to fall in love with Chevy’s new mid-engine Corvette…) Here’s what we know about this ZR1 variant so far. 

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Horsepower meets all-wheel drive

First off, the ZR1’s hybrid engine will be a twin-turbo V8 that will yield 900 horsepower. Though Chevy has yet to release the full specs of this engine, Motor Trend thinks it will have a displacement rating between 4.2-5.5 liters. 

Besides supplying a stunning dose of potency, the ZR1 will also include AWD for enhanced stability and grip when on and off the track. Per The Drive, it will be the first Corvette in history that sports this drivetrain. 

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A relative to the Blackwing engine?

It’s easy to think that the new hybrid C8 engine will be a close cousin to the 4.2-liter twin-turbo Blackwing engine that Cadillac introduced. However, Motor Trend confirmed that their anonymous source from GM dispelled this theory. Instead, the ZR1’s new engine will have a more distinct design that sets it apart from the Cadillac one. 

Some Corvette contemplations

Since Chevy has been so quiet about the hybrid C8, we can only share the current rumors that the industry is circulating as we all anticipate this exciting new take on the ‘Vette. Motor Trend, for instance, thinks that the hybrid C8 will prioritize performance more than fuel conservation.

And The Drive postulates that the new electrified motor and batteries on board the C8 variant might weigh it down; which of some concern to those worried about drag, since the current C8 Corvette is already 200 pounds heavier than the C7 model

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