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Chevy Cuts the Cruze Amidst Declining Sales

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Although the Cruze is a standout model in its segment, not even it could emerge unscathed as drivers turn away from sedans in favor of crossovers

The sun has set on Chevy’s compact car

Among the passenger car models that GM just cut from its lineup is the Chevrolet Cruze. While the Cruze remains one of Chevrolet’s best-selling vehicles, it has been losing ground for quite some time now.

An examination of the Cruze’s sales performance during the third quarter of 2018 showcases this significant sales loss.

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At the end of the year’s third quarter, Chevy delivered a total of 31,971 Cruze models in the U.S. That’s down from the 44,046 units it delivered during the third quarter of 2017, accounting for a 27.41 percent sales decline.

It’s also consistent with the Cruze’s sales loss for the year as a whole. So far this year, Chevy has delivered 109,662 Cruze models across the country, down 26.52 percent compared to its sales during the first three quarters of 2017.

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The U.S. isn’t the only market where Cruze sales are down. In Mexico, sales for the Chevy Cruze were down 40.65 percent during the third quarter.

Meanwhile, Cruze sales fell 62.29 percent during that same time period in South Korea. Chevy has sold 3,594 Cruze models in Korea so far this year, a sales loss of 57.16 percent.

Sales for the Cruze were in fact up in Canada. Cruze sales grew 12.36 percent in this region during the third quarter of the year. Yet, when the year as a whole is taken into account, Canadian Cruze sales are down by a slight 0.83 percent.

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Despite its declining sales, the Cruze stands out as a leader in the compact sedan segment. Only four compact cars have outsold the Cruze so far this year, with the Honda Civic serving as the current segment leader.

Even Civic sales fell 27.46 percent during the year’s third quarter. Sales for the compact car segment as a whole are down by 14.15 percent, with a total of 1,299,424 vehicles delivered so far this year.

Down the line, GM may make the executive decision to revive the Chevy Cruze. However, since the compact sedan segment shows no signs of recovering anytime soon, that return likely won’t take place in the immediate future.

News Source: GM Authority