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Chevy Launches “Everything but Football, Football Show” Video Series on Twitter

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Chevrolet Twitter video series Everything But Football, Football Show, featuring Manchester United players

As part of its sponsorship of Manchester United, Chevrolet is launching a new “Everything but Football, Football Show” series for fans.

The bowtie brand is collaborating with Twitter to pitch the show directly to fans, via a first-ever global video subscription service on Twitter. If fans want reminders of new episodes, they are able to “Retweet to Subscribe,” after which they will receive a weekly notification each time a new episode is available, before it is widely released. Each episode will be released as a Twitter Moment.

Football fans interested in subscribing should visit @ChevroletFC and tune in at (below).

The weekly web series will feature comedian Mark Smith interacting with Man U players, via pranks, trivia, and more. Chevy tapped Commonwealth and MOFILM, a global community of filmmakers and content creators, to help create the show.

Chevy says that it is creating numerous opportunities for viewer interaction by breaking each episode up into short segments that will be delivered to subscribers as Twitter Moments. Fans can also take part in trivia and polls, in addition to receiving highlights and other content while utilizing the “immersive video-viewing experience.”

“It is our goal to break through the newsfeed-scrolling behavior of social, drawing fans to our brand and keeping them coming back week after week,” said John Gasloli of Global Chevrolet Marketing. “Using Twitter Moments and Retweet to Subscribe, Chevrolet is changing the video viewing experience from one that is passive, to one that is fully participatory and engaging. It also keeps the user within the experience, allowing them to engage with all content without ever leaving Twitter.”

“Executing creative and innovative work is not easy, and our team was elated that Chevrolet possessed the appetite to push the boundaries of video content on Twitter,” said Alex Josephson, Twitter’s head of global brand strategy. “It’s a true testament to the trust and partnership we have built with Chevrolet.”